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Roero, Langhe
and Monferrato


History, breath-taking views and a unique food and wine culture

Welcome to the hills of Langhe and Roero, wonderful in any seasons. Places suspended in time, where man and nature have made a secret agreement: to preserve the beauty of the landscapes in exchange for unique products. Raw materials that have achieved excellence and notoriety on tables around the world, inspiring the cuisine of great chefs.

Wine, white truffle, hazelnuts, cheeses, cold cuts and indigenous fruits. Experience these hills means savouring them in depth, aware of enjoying a landscape that, in 2014, UNESCO recognized as a World Heritage Site.

Built in a dominant position on the Tanaro valley, Guarene is a village with a spectacular view of the hills. The urban development follows the typical trend of medieval origin: roads and houses were built around the foundations of the Castle, restored in the eighteenth century according to the typical Rococo style with a Juvarrian influence, to whose shape many sacred buildings and private homes were adapted, which today donate to the country a surprising "architectural harmony".

Guarene is the perfect starting point for exploring Langhe and Roero.