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Cookie policy

In accordance with Measure no. 229 (accessible here: issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority on May 8, 2014, MANE.BI S.r.l. has provided the following information about cookies, their functions and how to disable them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the websites you visit send and store on your personal computer or other devices, including your mobile devices, which transmit information to those sites when you visit them again. Cookies are used for different purposes: for example, to store the user’s activities and preferences (such as, for example, login details, language preferences, font size and other display settings, etc.) so that they do not have to be specified again when the user visits that website again or navigates from one page to another; or to perform computer authentications, monitoring of sessions and storage of information regarding the activities of users who access a website and may also contain a unique identification code that allows tracking of the user’s browsing history on the website for statistical or advertising purposes.

There are different types of cookies, which can be distinguished by their characteristics and functions:

Navigation or session cookies

These cookies are not permanently stored on the user’s device and are deleted when the browser is closed. Unlike other cookies, session cookies do not have an expiration date, and because of this, the browser is able to identify them as session cookies.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are used only to the extent necessary to provide a service expressly requested by the user. In other words, these cookies are useful for browsing and for facilitating the user’s access and use of the website. Technical cookies are essential, for example, to access your profile or the shopping cart section of an e-commerce website without having to log in to all sessions. They are also involved in basic transactions such as payment by credit card or by other systems.

Analytics cookies

These cookies are used to collect aggregated information about the number of users of the website and the number of pages viewed (e.g. Google Analytics). Please refer to the relevant policies, which may change periodically and therefore should be consulted from time to time, which provide more detailed information, for example

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies belong to domains other than the domain displayed in the address bar. These types of cookies generally appear when web pages have content, such as banner ads, from external websites that use tracking to monitor user preferences in order to display relevant and personalized ads for each user.

Cookies used on this website

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google. In particular, Google Analytics uses cookies on our website which do not store personal data and which are placed on the user’s computer, in order to allow the website operator to analyse how users use the website for statistical purposes only. To prevent Google Analytics from collecting data about your browsing, you can download the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on:

Cloudflare _cfduid cookies

__cfduid cookies are technical cookies that are used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and to apply client-based security settings. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information. These cookies are absolutely necessary for Cloudflare’s security features and cannot be disabled.

Cookies and security

The types of cookies mentioned above can remain on your computer or mobile device for varying periods of time, depending on how they are used. The cookies stored on your computer or mobile device cannot be used to retrieve any data from your hard disk, to transmit computer viruses or for purposes other than those described above.

How to change your cookie setting

Most browsers have settings that allow you to accept, view or disable cookies. However, please note that disabling browser or functional cookies may prevent the website from functioning properly and/or limit the service we offer.

You can use your browser settings to manage your cookie preferences at any time by selecting which cookies to authorize, block or delete, in whole or in part. Here is the path to follow to manage cookies on the most commonly used browsers:

How can I delete and/or disable cookies?

Deleting cookies may cause the following to happen:

  • the cached settings will no longer work, so if you log in, you will need to enter your information again
  • the website may be slower because some features are no longer enabled
  • you may have to manually enter some information or preferences each time you visit the website

For more information about cookies and how to manage your preferences for third-party profiling cookies, please visit

Please note:
our website will remember the user’s cookie preferences because we use a special technical cookie, which users must accept when they first access our website on their browser.